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The following workshops are currently available for live presentation at BDSM events. Please note that any topics you see listed below can be presented as an individual lecture or combined for longer presentations or workshops in order to suit the needs of your event. For more information please feel free to contact me at any time.

It's All About Me! (Until It's All About Him)

Class Photo"It's all about me!" If, as a single submissive, you uttered such words you would be classified as, at best, a bottom or at worst (horror of horrors!) a Dominant.

Then the chastisement begins: "You ask too many questions to be a real submissive," "You aren't a submissive unless you do what I say." "A good submissive doesn't have an ego."

Announcing an innovative new workshop that will encourage you to look inward before you begin your search for a Dominant. You will be able to: express yourself in a safe, non-judgmental environment in order to gain insight into your submission; answer deep, thought provoking questions so you can discover who you are and what you want from the Lifestyle; share your needs, wants and desires with like-minded women, so you can learn from others' experiences.

  • Understand where your kinky desires originated so you can determine what kind of submissive you are.
  • Figure out what type of Dominant excites you and what type you'll thrive under. (It's not always the same!)
  • Begin to discover your physical and psychological limits.
  • Learn about different types of D/s relationships and which one may work best for you.


Class PhotoTake the time right now to let it be "All about you" so you can choose a Dominant with whom you can enter into a healthy, fulfilling, D/s relationship and embark upon a wonderful journey of it being "All about Him".

This workshop is great for beginners or those who've been playing only, and wish to delve into the D/s realm of power exchange.

It's All About Me! (Until It's All about Him) can be presented in many different formats to suit your venue:

  • A 1-hour lecture, which gives an overview of each topic and allows for a minimal amount of audience feedback.
  • A 90-minute presentation, which gives an overview of each topic and allows for a moderate amount of audience questions and feedback.
  • A 2-hour workshop, which allows time for an in-depth look at each topic and a generous amount of time for participants to share their thoughts and ideas.
  • A 3 to 4-hour workshop, which allows time for an in-depth look at the topics, a generous amount of time for participants thoughts, ideas and questions and the addition of quizzes and handouts.


Submissive Survival Course

Class Photo

Are you new to the BDSM community and overwhelmed by all it offers?
Does fear, guilt or shame prevent you from getting started?
Do you have intense desires but lack the knowledge that will enable you to make healthy choices?

Join slave aranea for a two-day, in-depth workshop that covers everything a beginner needs to know to enjoy a safe and positive introduction to the BDSM scene.

aranea will guide you with warmth and humor through a myriad of topics from casual play to D/s relationships.

Experience self-discovery and gain the confidence you need through active participation, topic related quizzes, checklists, guided meditation, and group discussion.



Topics will include:

  • Play. - Discover your personal kink and learn how to find the right play partners to explore it with.
  • Safety. - Protect the Property (yes, you!) by understanding the medical and safety risks involved in scening.
  • Negotiating a Scene. - How to keep your head straight while that sexy Dominant is trying to have His way with you.
  • Dungeon Etiquette. - How not to get banned before your membership renews.
  • Lifestyle Etiquette. - Learn the unwritten rules of socializing at a dungeon so your popularity doesn’t fade once you’re no longer the “flavor of the month”.
  • “Sub Frenzy”. - How to recognize it in yourself and what to do about it.
  • The Submissive Code: - Break it at your own risk!
  • Types of submissives. - Discover what drives you to serve and what style of Dominance you would thrive under.
  • Types of Dominants. - Yes, They make you quiver but will Their style of Dominance fulfill you in the long run?
  • Relationship Styles. - Covers the spectrum from traditional to unlikely pairings and how to make them work.
  • Contracts. - Can you really live up to all of those promises? How to write a realistic and workable contract.
  • Collars. - Make sure it “fits” before you agree to wear it.
  • 24/7? - Is it what you’ve always dreamed of? The fantasy vs. reality.
  • Poly relationships. - What is meant by poly and is it right for you?
  • submissive or slave? - Which are you and how will the importance of knowing lighten your load?
  • Dominant’s needs and wants vs. submissive’s needs and wants. - Whose take priority? (You may be surprised by the answer).
  • Respectful Communication. - How to approach your Dominant with issues and concerns. How to know when to keep your mouth shut.

This course can be presented in its entirety in two 8-hour days, with 1 hour off for lunch. It can also be condensed into one 8-hour day that focuses on EITHER play or relationships.


Submissive Obstacle Course

This course is designed for those who have at least a basic understanding of BDSM, relationships and D/s concepts.

Are you ready to learn the truth about D/s relationships and their dynamics?
Have tough times eroded your faith in your ability to serve your Dominant?
Is your current relationship off track and in need of some adjustments so it can be strengthened and deepened?

Join slave aranea for a two-day intensive workshop that targets the challenges submissives and slaves encounter in D/s relationships.
Learn skills that will keep you balanced as you juggle between the vanilla and D/s worlds.

Do you find it intimidating being a submissive in a world that reveres independence and autonomy?
Is the support of your non-Lifestyle friends ineffective or even non-existent?

Work with other submissives/slaves who understand the joys and difficulties of a D/s relationship.
Trade stories of challenges encountered, share tips for getting through the tough times and exchange ideas on how to better serve your Dominant.



Topics will include:

  • submissive or slave? - Which are you and how will the importance of knowing lighten your load?
  • Jealousy and envy. - Are you prone to one or both and how to deal with each?
  • Identifying your needs. - Learn how to tell the difference between your needs and wants so you can determine what is essential for you to be a healthy submissive.
  • 24/7: - “Hey! This isn’t how they described it in that novel!”
  • Respectful Communication. - How to approach your Dominant with issues and concerns. Learn when to keep your mouth shut.
  • D/s or Co-dependence? - How to recognize and avoid crossing this dangerously fine line.
  • “But He’s not being a Dom!” - How to stay in your submissive headspace and support your Dominant through stressful times such as illness, job loss etc.
  • D/s Families: - Step away from the butcher knife and befriend that beta!
  • Vanilla and D/s: - Balancing both worlds.
  • Topping from the bottom: - “Naw, I don’t do that!”
  • Love: - Horror of horrors! How being in love with each other can weaken the D/s dynamic and what to do about it.
  • Joyful obedience. - Easier said than done.
  • Anticipating Needs: - Exercises and games that will hone your observation and listening skills.

Learn how to find opportunities for growth through adversity and discover how to make this Lifestyle work for your unique relationship.