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Aranea is a CTA certified Life Coach, a member of the International Coach Federation, and the owner of Surrendered Self Life Coaching, where she specializes in working with clients who practice BDSM.

Aranea is a collared 24/7 slave and has been in the public Lifestyle for almost five years. She is also the founder and moderator of a local submissive support group and is a member of MasT-GLA and several other D/s discussion and educational groups, where she currently provides mentoring to submissives and slaves.

She has presented at Erotic City/LAGLPW, Lair de Sade and DragonsGate Studios and has appeared on and (Where she will soon be hosting her own weekly show.)

Aranea is also a Certified Reiki Master/Teacher and aura healer.


I am a woman of questions. I'm a teacher, student, guide, mentor, and performer. I have been all of these things from a very young age.

My Mom loved to tell stories about my first experiences going to Dance Class when I was four years old. The teacher would pick us kids up at our homes in a large passenger van. I always wanted to sit in the front seat and talk to her. I would pester the poor woman with question after question about things I saw from my window. "Why do those cows reach through the fence to eat the grass on the other side? What's wrong with their grass?" "If the white cows give white milk and the brown cows give chocolate milk, what kind of milk comes out of those black and white cows?" (I'm now over the cow fetish.)

Miraculously, during class I would keep my mouth shut and focus intently on the moves being taught. (Okay, okay, the moves were only point your toe and tap, tap, tap or hop in place but it took every ounce of brainpower to get my clumsy little body to obey). If a child next to me was having difficulty with the moves, I would stop what I was doing and patiently try to teach her.

Once at a recital, (which was pointing, tapping and hopping on a small stage with costumes) the child next to me stood frozen and started to cry. I stopped hopping, put my arm around her and told her, "Don't be scared this is fun". She immediately peed her pants. So my first brilliant attempt at Personal Coaching ended with me standing on a stage, in a puddle of pee with my client crying in my arms. My tap shoes were ruined but I learned a very important lesson about working with clients. Don't tell them how to feel, they experience things differently from you. They will feel invalidated, get more upset and possibly pee their pants.


As I grew, I became fascinated with other people and how they thought, what they felt, what drove them etc. So I asked more personal questions and people actually answered. People would naturally open up to me. I was often approached for guidance and told by those I had helped that I should do this for a living. At that time, I was already well on my way in my acting career (which I had my sights set on since those early days of tapping and hopping) so I decided to keep "prying" into people's lives as a hobby.

After quite a bit of intense training in New York City, I enjoyed a successful career in the Theatre, performing, directing and teaching. (That's a whole other bio). I was able to travel the world through my work and pester different cultures of people with my questions. I found that no matter the language we are all driven by the same hopes, fears, and desires.

Along the way I continued to study another passion of mine since youth, metaphysics, holistic healing and divination. If I could have lived three lives at once I would have added Life Coach and Holistic Healer as my other two professions but my already demanding career only allowed time for me to dabble.

In 2001 I had a life-altering experience. I was in a high speed, four vehicle, traffic accident. The EMT's and Sheriffs Dept. said it was amazing that I survived. I had about a year's worth of down time while I healed and I used it well. Not only did I learn more about the application of holistic healing skills, using my own wounded body as a guinea pig, but I also discovered the joys of the Internet. Yes, you guessed it! Like many of you, the Internet expanded my knowledge of BDSM and D/s much more than my erotic fantasies and forays into kinky literature ever could. I realized that I needed a D/s relationship to be completely fulfilled and that pursuing one would change my life drastically. It was a painful time physically, emotionally and spiritually and, without the distraction of my busy life, I had no choice but to face my fears, re-connect with my soul, identify my desires and fulfill my needs. I realized I had to change direction and walk a new path since the previous one wasn't serving me in my spiritual growth anymore. I decided to become a professional in service to others.

Saying goodbye to my old life was very difficult and full of sorrow. I'll never say that it was easy but it was necessary in order for me to begin what was to be the next phase of my life. Remember the girl who wanted to live three lives? She got her wish. Just not in the way she expected to.

(Isn't that always the way it happens? Sneaky Universe!)


So here I am, a Certified Life Coach who specializes in working with people in a Lifestyle that I'm passionate about. It's taken a tremendous amount of life experience, hard work, and study but since this is where I am supposed to be, it's been very rewarding. I'm forever grateful that in this second phase of my life I have once again been able to have a career doing what I love without making anyone cry or pee their pants. (I leave that for the Dominants.)