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Dear Aranea,

"The depth of gratitude i feel for the positive impact working with you has had in my life is almost indescribable. You bring an ability to listen and perceive things that i'm unaware of, yet ask me questions that help me find my own inner wisdom. Thanks to the work we've done; i'm on a new career path about which i feel a passion i'd never associated with a job, i see alternatives where before i'd be tempted to stay feeling stuck and i'm in a healthy satisfying D/s relationship."

Thank you,

- D.W., submissive



"The workshop is great for both the newbie and long time veteran submissive as well. We all walk away from each class with something new to think about and apply in our efforts to become the perfect slave for our Masters. i wish that i had this workshop available to me when i was new to this lifestyle."

- SG's toi, Orange County CA (24/7 slave)



"- i have shared my guided meditation with friends and family alike, and even when explained in vanilla terms, they have all been able to see how powerful that was for me. i also feel rejuvenated - like the parts of me that have been sleeping are reawakening which is both powerful and intense - my intuition is in overdrive and my artistic side is taking over in a really good way. And most importantly, i feel reconnected to my 'slave'heart - reading new texts, keeping a journal, defining my needs vs wants and opening my limitations both perceived and real to embrace myself."

- ridha, submissive, Palm Springs



"Defining slave vs. submissive, which i am still processing, completely rocked my core and i believe genuine and positive experiences are directly going to come out of this shift in self-perception. The more i reflect on it, the more your definitions are reinforced and i feel so much more comfortable in my skin. Even parts of the definition that i didn't see pertaining to me to begin with are holding true."

- inara, submissive, Palm Springs



"The Submissive Survival Course is a great opportunity to learn about aspects of the lifestyle people rarely discuss in such a thoughtful manner. These are such vital issues for one to think about and know about one's self before getting involved in a relationship. This course was great for those in D/s relationships as well - people have different perspectives and experiences, being able to share those insights and learn from Aranea was wonderful!"

- D.W., submissive



"aranea is very knowledgeable, articulate & passionate about the lifestyle. She is a comfortable person to be around, she makes others feel at ease & thus more likely to open up. I feel at peace with who I am largely due to the workshop."

- vicki, submissive



"The course was wonderful. i came away from the weekend with such a positive energy. i learned new things about the lifestyle as well as about myself. i received a priceless gift through the guided meditaion that i'll carry with me for a very long time. Aranea's ability to facilitate the group enabled us to build a level of intimacy that has translated into new friendships. Thank you Aranea!"

- nova, submissive, Placentia, CA



"I was challenged and inspired."

- sublivia, submissive.



"aranea's workshop provided a safe environment for me to ponder and explore unfamiliar areas of submission. She is also talented in highlighting the brazen sexuality that is also so much a part of our lifestyle. Highlighting it, accepting it, accentuating it. You go girlfriend!"

- Shy, submissive, Los Angeles, CA



"So many times slaves and submissives get into a frenzy about attracting the right kind of Dominant man or Master, but sometimes we don't actively educate ourselves. aranea brought what I thought was a realistic approach to being able to self-identify your own needs and wants before venturing off into seeking your One."

- jm, submissive woman w/sensual masochist streak, Los Angeles, CA



"aranea's workshops are informative and productive in the D/s lifestyle. Anyone who gets a chance to hear her should not miss it."

- judy, of Gene and judy Laguna Beach, CA



"i am always impressed with how centered i feel after attending one of aranea's workshops - or any function for that matter at which i am blessed with the honor of speaking/sharing with her. she has such an elegantly human way of connecting to submissives, no matter their orientation or choices in expressing their lifestyle. i am grateful for these opportunities she is offering us to sit with each other and expand our authentic nature."

- moonlight Blaise