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Aranea Audio Introduction


Specializing in BDSM education, relationships
and personal development.


 Presentation: BOLD 2012

  • DATE:
  •  Feb. 17-19
  • TIME:
  •  7pm-5pm
  •  Marriott
     Burbank, CA
  • PRICE:
  •  $135

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Are you frustrated by D/s relationships that only last a month?

Have unhealthy experiences diminished your trust in others, and eroded your faith in your abilities?

Are you questioning where you fit into a Lifestyle full of so many possibilities?

Welcome to Surrendered Self Life Coaching. I'm Aranea and it's my goal to assist you in acquiring and refining the skills you need to thrive in a rewarding, yet complicated, Lifestyle. Through coaching, we'll work together so you can attract the relationship you want and strengthen the relationship you're in.

Lifestyle Coaching Offers You:

  • Consistent support through challenging times.
  • Insights, strategies and tips to help you stay focused on your goal in order to reach your full potential.
  • Creative solutions that are based in what you intuitively feel is right.
  • A safe place where you can share your experiences and concerns.
  • Increased self -awareness which helps you attract and maintain healthy relationships.
  • An ally who supports you in focusing on and resolving present day challenges.
  • Action Plans to help you achieve your goals.

If you're ready to find out what a balanced, fulfilling and vibrant D/s relationship is like, contact me today.